Sep 13 2019

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month!

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. Animals suffer from pain just like people do. Pain comes in many forms; surgical pain, arthritis, and cancer related pain. Chronic pain can be subtle and masked as “getting old” or “slowing down”. Most often, behavioral changes are the most obvious sign that your pet may be in some sort of distress. Hiding, slow to lie down or get up, not exercising as much, over-grooming or licking a particular area, not going up or down stairs, reluctance to jump up or down, not eating as much or at all, limping and crying out. Most people think that if the pet isn’t limping or crying out, then it isn’t in pain. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. And most people aren’t aware that cats have arthritic pain just as commonly as dogs; they just hide it better. If your pet is experiencing any of these symptoms of pain, please call us at 706-629-5060 or email at to schedule an appointment!

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